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Initiate Studios invites artists to submit work for a pop-up exhibition showcasing original artwork in various mediums that represent the theme: “Imprints” It is an open call-to-individuals curated by Cleveland- based artist and designer Michele Crawford.  The goal of the call is to foster a relationship with creatives who want to share how they have been changed by the influence of others or things and how they are working to influence the surrounding communities in which they live, work & play.  The scale of influence can vary. The realization of the importance of interconnectedness and intentionality in thought and action is required.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: September September 13, 2017

EXHIBITION DATES: September 22-24, 2017

Please complete application here:
Each presenter / artist will have access to the Initiate Studios Ingenutity Incubator Lab space during the pop-up exhibition session.   It is a 400 square foot flexible space, each selected artist will work with the Imprints Project curator to develop a space plan, presentation style and coordinate timing.


Initiate Studios is a creative programming and design outreach start-up studio developed to facilitate collaborative crossroads of dialogue and action for community building through human-centered visioning, development and mentoring.


The Imprints Project is a reflective body of work, activities and programming that illustrates how our actions live on.  The intent is to elicit and amplify thoughts of influence that have been imprinted on you and that you imprint in others both knowingly and by chance.  It is a think piece encouraging the viewer to reflect on moments and people that caused change within them and their lives, remember how it made them feel and resolve to move with intention through current and future interactions with others.  The Imprints Project is the start of a thought hoping to continue into a space, in both mind and form, to be intentional in life by way of inclusion, inspiration and ingenious.


Ingenuity Fest Press Release


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