[Inspiration] Imprints Project

Prose- Sunset

Today I watched the sunset only to return home and wonder…

Where did it go?

Why did it go?

What did it pack?

Did it have cash, was it alone?

Did it enjoy its time doing its job shining all day?

Or does it hate being on display? 

Was it a good day, how could it tell?

Did it know it’s rays we’re still infiltrating the clouds and that slight glimmers were still present in the waving waters, was it ok with that influence lingering?

Even though I know that all these thoughts are frivolous, it’s still fun to personify the object.  It’s refreshing to loose my mind in thoughts that [ir]relevantly infer individualist ideas upon items in intimate and thoughtful ways.  Moments like these that are seemingly arbitrary often take up hours of my thoughts… thinking in layers in consideration, contradiction and carelessness are often when I feel most inspired.  Being able to watch the changing world and people’s interactions with it and with each other continues to impact my character in ways I hadn’t consciously noticed until recently.  The interconnectedness of thoughts, behaviors, 

The Imprints Project is about the manifestation of influence. It’s about reflection.  It’s about impact. It’s about action. It’s about change. It’s the realization that whether you know it or not, people are watching you just as you have watch others and are now different.



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